This Pasta Chef Turns Noodles Into Beautiful Art

Many famous chefs and food critics insist that presentation is key when making a successful meal. Linda Miller Nicholson, known as saltyseattle on Instagram, has taken this term to the next level by turning her pasta creations into stunning pieces of artwork.

With over 270 thousand followers on Instagram, she has turned her passion for eggs, flour, and water into something spectacular.

Linda spends her days creating vibrant pasta with natural dyes. But she doesn’t stop there. She is famous for turning her colorful pasta into daringly creative compositions. 

She keeps her Instagram page up to date with tons of photos of her creations. “Pasta is like a textile,” she once said in an interview. “You can really manipulate it and feel it beneath your hands and understand it texturally.”

She is not only a star on social media, but in the classroom as well. Linda’s work became so popular that fans begged her to start teaching cooking lessons – so she did. She teaches pasta making classes in Seattle for all cooking levels.