Three Great Ways to Elevate a Rice Dish

Photo by Kalyani Akella on Unsplash

Rice is a very common side dish across the world commonly served alongside meat, chicken, fish, and curries. However, when cooked or spiced right, one has the ability to transform any rice from just a side piece to the main event. Keep reading for a few culinary suggestions to elevate your rice.


Add a variety of delicious toppings to your rice such as dried fruit, slivered nuts, and spice blends. Many Mediterranean stores sell spice blends and rice toppings that are amazing on top of cooked rice or even cooked with the rice. This toppings have the ability to transform an ordinary rice into a unique culinary experience.


Cook your rice with several aromatic spices such as turmeric, cumin seeds, and paprika. When cooked with the crunchy rice before adding the water, the rice will take on the flavor of anything you put into it. This is a great way to create a side dish that matches the flavors of what your serving!

Veggies and Meat

Cook your rice with various veggies or meat to make the ultimate one-pot experience. This is an exceptional way to not only reduce the amount of kitchen ware you’ll have to wash later, but will also transform your rice into a heavenly comfort food.