Three Ways Limes are Used in Mexican Gastronomy

Photo by Shaun Meintjes on Unsplash

Mexico, as a country, is lime crazy. Ranking second in the world in the production of limes, these little green fruits, known as “limones” in the local dialect of Spanish, are found in all kinds of different foods and drinks throughout the territory. 

Here are three ways in which limes are utilized in Mexican gastronomy.

Taco Garnish

If you are served a plate of tacos in Mexico, odds are that you will receive a heap of lime slices along with them. It’s common to squeeze lime juice on top of all kinds of tacos, including those served al pastor, with steak, and with carnitas.

Lime Paletas

Paletas are the Mexican version of a popsicle. One of the most popular types of paletas that are enjoyed in Mexico is the lime paleta, which is a mixture of water, lime juice, and sugar frozen onto a stick. They are perfect for hot days.

Drink Staple

If you have tried any sort of Mexican beverage, odds are that it contained lime. From margaritas to Jarritos, many drinks that are beloved in Mexico either contain lime or are served garnished with a slice of the little green fruit.