3 Ways to Enjoy Your Churros

Best ways to enjoy churros
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Originating in Spain and now widespread throughout the Spanish-speaking world, churros are strips of deep-fried dough that are often combined with other sweet flavors and served on the street. Popular as a street food, there are endless varieties of churros to try out there! Here are three different tasty churro variations.

Dipped in Chocolate

The most popular churro variation in Spain is with chocolate. Instead of topping the churros with something or stuffing them, Spaniards typically enjoy churros with a mug of melted chocolate in which they dip their churros.

Coated in Cinnamon Sugar

If you travel to Mexico, this is probably the churro variety that you will most often find. Churros are absolutely delicious when coated in a cinnamon sugar combination, giving them an irresistible touch.

Filled With Guava

Did you know that churros are sometimes filled with guava paste? Well, in Cuba, you will often find this tropical churro variation that combines the sweetness and fruity flavor of guava with the fried doughiness of a churro.