Top 3 Tips for Taking Your Vegetable Skewers to the Next Level

Vegetable skewers
Photo by Daniel Hooper on Unsplash

Skewers are one of the staples of summer BBQ parties, but have you ever tried making them 100% plant-based? If you’re vegan or have vegan guests at your barbecue, veggie skewers are one of the easiest things you could possibly make, and here’s how you can grill them to perfection.

Right Skewers

Before starting to prep your veggies, you’ll have to make a choice between metal and wooden skewers. The ones made from stainless steel are the best option due to their durability, but if you’re using wooden ones remember to give them 15-30 minutes to soak in water so they wouldn’t burn on the grill.

Cutting Technique

When cutting veggies for your skewers, try to keep them similar in size. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t cut them too thin because they’ll fall off your skewers, especially tender veggies, such as zucchini and eggplant.

No Extra Space

Leaving extra space between the veggies is completely unnecessary. They’ll shrink as they grill, so you can pack your skewers as tightly as possible. It’s easier to do this right away than during the grilling process because your veggies will be too hot to move.