Try These Unique Coffee Preparation Methods

Depending on where you’re from in the world, you’re probably used to just one or two coffee preparation methods. Whether it’s espresso machines or drip coffee makers, you probably have a preferred coffee making method, and that’s okay!

The world of coffee goes much deeper than this, however, and coffee aficionados use all types of different contraptions to make their cups of joe. Here are some that you should get to know.


This contraption contains a funnel which allows for coffee to be brewed in its purest possible form. Chemex’s unique filter contains thicker-than-average paper which allows for polluting oils and other impurities to be filtered out, resulting in a purer coffee experience.


Aeropress machines are only about 15-years-old, having been invented by Alan Adler back in 2005. They consist of a contraption that is pushed by the user to force hot water through coffee grounds before being filtered into a coffee receptacle which collects a beverage whose strength is similar to espresso.

French Press

The french press machine is one of the most well-known alternative coffee brewing contraptions out there, being nearly a century old. This method works by filtering out coffee grounds from hot water in which they have been steeping before the mixture is filtered, resulting in a more intense coffee experience.

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