Want to Try France’s Most Delicious Steak?

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

If you are a steak lover and you find yourself in France, a restaurant called L’Entrec么te is the place that you want to be.

This restaurant, which has five locations within the country located in the cities of Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Montpellier, and Lyon, serves up some of the best beef in the whole world, and it鈥檚 easy to see why.

L’Entrec么te鈥檚 menu doesn鈥檛 have too many items, but what it has is absolutely delicious. All diners that eat at one of these restaurants will receive a set menu order. It includes a walnut salad as a starter followed by a steak with french fries.

The walnut salad is a nice palate cleanser at the beginning, but the real show starts when your waiter or waitress brings a heaping plate of steak with the restaurant鈥檚 famous french fries. The steak, which is doused in a garlic butter sauce and served either rare, medium, or well-done, is the best steak that you could ever imagine at a restaurant.

It鈥檚 so juicy and tender, and the sirloin cut is served with a sauce that is delectable and unforgettable. Plus, the french fries are bottomless and even tastier when soaked in the garlicky butter sauce served with the steak.

Be sure to check out this gem the next time yourself in one of these French cities!