You’ll Wanna Get Your Hands on this Heinz Bottle if You’re an Ed Sheeran Fan

Photo by Pedro Ribeiro on Unsplash

Admit it. You have an empty ketchup bottle lying around in your cupboard. Possibly even more than one. So, why not have a really pretty ketchup bottle inspired by someone famous?

You may have heard that the “I Don’t Care” singer, Ed Sheeran, who recently released a brand new album of collaborations, is collaborating with Heinz as well.

Sheeran had pitched a hilarious advert idea to the sauce company which they decided to use, and thus “Edchup” was born!

The two are now taking their relationship one step further by creating a ketchup bottle inspired by the Grammy winner’s arm tattoos. Only 150 of the special Ed x Heinz bottles were produced and each signed vessel comes in a snazzy collector’s edition speaker box. 104 bottles are being made available to win on Sheeran’s website, while three others will be auctioned for charities chosen by the singer.

Sheeran already has a tattoo of a ketchup bottle on his arm, making the entire thing feel like life imitating art imitating life!