What is Doner Kebab?

Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

Doner kebab is one of the most popular late-night and snack foods on Earth. This meaty treat is now found from New York to Nairobi and has put meat cylinders on the map as a source of some of the most delectable meat that you will find.

However, are you aware of the origins of doner kebab and what exactly it is?

Doner kebab hails from the country of Turkey, where it began to grow as a popular food. The name of the dish literally means “meat on a grill that spins,” which refers to the rotisserie method of cooking doner meat.

The meat, which is typically either lamb or chicken, is left to roast on the grill for hours until being shaved off into thin slices. This is a hallmark of doner kebab, seeing the stand worker strip the meat into paper-thin pieces to be served.

Doner kebab is usually eaten inside of either a wrap (none as durum) or a pita to be enjoyed. In typical preparations, it is served inside of the bread element with vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, and also with sauces. 

The traditional sauces served with doner kebabs include garlic yogurt sauce and a spicy red chili sauce that add a succulent flavor element to the food.

Now that you know everything about doner kebabs, go out and try one! You’ll be sure to love it.