You Can Get a Cinnamon Cookie Latte at McDonald’s This Holiday Season

While it’s never been famous for it, McDonald’s actually has a pretty great selection of delicious and affordable coffee. The company has just announced its first new seasonal beverage in the past five years, and it’s McCafé Cinnamon Cookie Latte. The best thing is that it will be available long before the festive season starts.

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The art of the spread. 🥐☕️

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This means that the fall and winter ahead of us will be the seasons when we get to warm up with a delicious cup of Cinnamon Cookie Latte from McDonald’s for only $2. And in case you prefer iced coffee, an iced version of it will also be available at the same price.

Now the only question is which snack to choose with your new favorite cup of coffee. McDonald’s has an answer for that, too: they are returning cinnamon donut sticks in servings of a dozen and half dozen. If you like cinnamon, this is amazing news. We love it and can’t wait for the cinnamon-scented winter to finally be here!