You Can Now Sip on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sauvignon Blanc

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Put the Cosmos aside, because wine is now Carrie Bradshaw’s drink of choice! Sarah Jessica Parker has partnered with a New Zealand-based winery to produce her very own signature Sauvignon Blanc.

Invivo X, SJP has been described as bright and fruity with hints of citrus.

“There were obviously conventions and rules about Sauvignon Blanc and how it should behave, and who it should be,” the Sex and the City actress explained. “I think what I love about ours is it’s identifiable and it does apply a lot of those rules, but it went a bit rogue. It’s a little bigger than most Sauvignon Blancs, it’s not maybe quite as high, or pointy. I think it’s beautifully balanced, but it’s a little fuller-figured lady. It’s super fragrant and it seems to be very nimble.”

The wine had its launch party on September 18th at the Garden Bar in New York’s Seaport District.

So now that Sarah is a winemaker, what are her tips for enjoying the drink?

“I think I’ve learned to love wine and enjoy it because of traveling, and always trying to drink local wine,” she says. “And I always ask the server, ‘What’s your local wine? You can bring a label-less carafe of what you all drink and love here.’ The more I’ve done that, the more I’ve learned.”

And the evidence is in her own grapes.