You’re Probably Making Some of These Mashed Potato Mistakes

Mashed potatoes might seem like a pretty simple dish, but having them be just perfect can be frustrating even for the experienced cooks. To make sure your mashed potatoes are just the way you want them, check if you’re making some of these common mistakes.

Types of Potatoes

There’s a whole range of potato types, from starchy to waxy, and they provide different results after cooking. Your best bet is somewhere in the middle, for example, Yukon Gold potatoes.


No potato dish can be good without a fair amount of salt. Always boil your potatoes in generously salted water so they will require less seasoning before serving.

Don’t Skimp on Butter

A stick of butter per pound of potatoes is usually a good call. Of course, if you don’t have any, you can still make mashed potatoes, but they taste so much better with plenty of butter.

Added Dairy

Butter alone won’t give you perfect mashed potatoes. Add some milk or half-and-half for the irresistible texture.