3 Best Methods to Pit Cherries Without a Cherry Pitter

Photo by Mohammad Amin Masoudi on Unsplash

The quickest and easiest way to pit cherries is by using a cherry pitter. But what if you need some pitted cherries for a cake or a jam and cherry pitter is nowhere to be found? Then, you should use one of the following methods.   


Straws, either plastic or reusable ones, proved themselves to be a great tool for pitting cherries. You simply need to remove the stem and then push a straw through the cherry from the stem-end. The straw will push the pit to the other side, and you’ll end up with a pit-less cherry.


If you are out of straws, then chopsticks can serve as the best alternative because the method works similarly. After removing the stem, push the pointed end of a chopstick from the stem-end all the way through, and the pit will pop right out. You will be able to pit large quantities of cherries once you get a hold of it.

Paper Clip

This is an efficient method if you don’t mind a bit of mess. Take a brand new paper clip and shape it into the letter “S.” Then, insert the round part through the stem end and twist a bit. Once you pull the paper clip out, the pit will pop out as well.