3 Cocktails to Make for Your Next Party

Photo by Pesce Huang on Unsplash

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day dinner or your next birthday party, no social gathering is quite complete without serving your guests some delicious cocktails to help them loosen up and get into the swing of things. Here are some simple yet effective cocktails to whip up that your guests will rave about.

Brown Sugar Old Fashioned

Given its hint of caramel and cinnamon stick, this cocktail is perfect for guests with a sweet tooth. Still, it also proves to be warm and cozy, making it ideal for the chilly winter weather.

Classic Vodka Martini

Calling all James Bond fans—if you feel like appearing suave and sophisticated like your favorite spy, then look no further. This elegant cocktail will certainly do the trick while creating some movie magic for everyone at your party.

Aperol Spritz

If you’re looking for a drink with a bit of an edge that won’t soon be forgotten, then this Italian classic is for you. Filled with prosecco, soda water, and Aperol, this cocktail is one your guests won’t soon forget.