3 Terrific Tequila Pairings

Image by Xavier Espinosa from Pixabay

Lemon, salt, and tequila are an age-old trio that no one is planning to break-up. All we’re saying is that there are more ingredients to pair with tequila that will really make its flavors shine! If the Mexican liquor is your drink of choice, this list will be a game changer. 


Wine and cheese go together wonderfully, so why not try the dairy delight with some tequila? Reposado brings a brightness that works well against the smokiness of aged Gouda, while Manchego is particularly good with añejo as its creamy, buttery flavor enhances the woodiness of the tequila.


Tequila can sometimes be bitter and sharp—especially if the agave has not had enough time to mature. Tame the bite in the drink with the sweetness from a banana and you won’t be sorry.


Even though sushi is quite a light dish, salmon and tuna possess rich flavors. These fish go excellently with a Lowlands tequila, however, as they have the ability to cut through the spicy earthiness of the agave. A sweeter, more buttery fish like Dutch yellowtail, on the other hand, benefits from the fruitiness found in Highlands tequila.