4 Top Tips for Crafting the Perfect Ravioli

Raw ravioli on trays
Image by Feel_ings from Pixabay

To properly honor Ravioli Day (which is on March 20th, mind you), it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the delicious world of making it at home. Mastering ravioli-making is a great way to wow your guests (or just enjoy a yummy meal by yourself—why share?). To help you out, here are four top tips for ravioli perfection.

Fresh is Best

Arrivederci, store-bought pasta—fresh ingredients are the name of the game when it comes to ravioli. Whip up your own dough and fillings using the freshest produce and cheeses you can find to get a flavorful experience in every bite.

Mind Your Measurements

Precision is key. Take your ravioli from good to great by nailing your measurements. Roll out the pasta dough to just the right thickness and measure the fillings with care to ensure a perfectly balanced flavor.

Seal with Love

Keep your ravioli intact by sealing them up like a pro. A dab of water or beaten egg along the edges of your pasta dough helps create a tight seal, ensuring your ravioli stay intact during cooking for an Instagrammable presentation.

Get Creative with Fillings

Think outside the pasta box. While classic fillings are always a hit, why not shake things up with some unexpected flavor combinations? From savory meats to fresh herbs and zesty cheeses, the possibilities are endless.