A Metal Thermos is Essential for Simplifying Your Life

Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash

Metal thermoses have been gaining in popularity lately, and it’s really easy to see why. Their versatility and environmental friendliness make them a great option for anyone that’s always drinking on the go.

So, what is a metal thermos, and what can it do?

Metal thermoses are a type of cold and heat-retaining beverage container. They have the capacity, in short, to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for long period of time. Many brands advertise that they’ll keep hot beverages warm for over 12 hours, and cold beverages warm for 24 hours.

They are a great option for people that live in climates that vary.

I often start off my day in a rush, and the cold mornings where I live make it tough for my coffee to stay warm on my walk to work. My metal thermos fixes this problem, however, keeping my coffee piping hot no matter what. It’s also a great option for other hot beverages such as tea.

Thermoses work the other way around, too. When I go to the beach on hot summer days, I often put my cold water or beer inside of the very same container! Despite the heat outside, my drinks always stay cold.

It’s both an environmentally-friendly option that reduces the need for disposable plastic bottles as well as a convenient life-saver.

Be sure to start using a metal thermos if you aren’t already!