Ao 26: Lisbon’s Oasis for Vegans on the Road

You won’t struggle to find a place to taste some vegan treats while in Lisbon, but none of the restaurants compare to Ao 26. It’s a huge hit with locals and travelers alike, and you’ll know why everyone loves it so much after checking out its menu.

Ao 26 Vegan Food Project is located in the very heart of Lisbon’s Bairro Alto neighborhood, and you won’t have any trouble finding it since it’s in close proximity to some of the city’s top tourist attractions.

You can opt between some of the essentials you would want at every vegan restaurant, including burgers and toasts, and it’s obvious how much love has been put into them as soon as they reach your table.

The list of dessert choices include vegan cheesecake, chocolate cake, brownies, and more, and they taste so good you’ll forget they’re vegan in the first place. Many guests visiting Ao 26 tend to opt for the chef’s choice, which usually includes a soup and a tasty main course.