Sour Beer Lovers Rejoice: These Three Styles are for You

Sour beers are one of the trendiest options on the market now, and for good reason. These tart and crisp suds offer up a completely new experience for those who haven’t had much experience outside of traditional styles.

More and more microbreweries, and even some big players in the beer world, are starting to make their own. So, which styles should you try? Here is a quick guide.


Lambics are one of the most classic sour beer styles, originating in Belgium centuries ago. This beer style is fermented through exposure to wild yeasts, giving it a funky and sour taste that can be altered by the addition of fruits.


Are light beers more your thing? If so, the low-alcohol and utterly drinkable Gose style might be a great choice for you. This beer, which has recently surged in popularity, is sour and salty and goes great for a day full of yard work.

American Wild Ale

While sour beers are originally from Germany, American breweries have put their own twist on this style, most notably with the American Wild Ale style. This creation, similar to the Belgian lambic, introduces wild bacteria and yeasts from the American continent to create a whole new flavor profile.