Best Ways to Eat Pop-Tarts, According to the Internet

Pop tarts
Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash

Is there a better way to eat Pop-Tarts besides just heating them up and biting into them? Well, according to the internet, this is the worst possible choice when it comes to eating Pop-Tarts. Instead, you should try some of the following ways.

Make Pop-Tarts Cereals

One Reddit user recommends heating up your Pop-Tarts, putting them in a bowl, and covering them in milk. Break them into pieces using a spoon and enjoy Pop-Tarts cereals.

Turn Pop-Tarts into an Ice Cream Sandwich

To take your Pop-Tarts experience to a whole other level, make an ice cream sandwich. Take a scoop of your favorite ice cream, snuggle it between two Pop-Tarts, and dig in.

Add Pop-Tarts to a Milkshake

Want a perfect milkshake? Then simply add Pop-Tarts to it. After you prepare the milkshake of your choice, toast a Pop Tart, break it into pieces and add it to a blender alongside the milkshake. Blend until the Pop Tart combines with the milkshake, and the drink bottoms up.

Put Some Butter on Them

Internet users swear that spreading some butter on Pop-Tarts after heating them up makes them much better. Don’t know about you, but we are willing to put this to the test.