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Coffee vs. Tea: Why We Prefer One Over the Other

Between coffee and tea, which do you prefer? According to an Australian study published in the Nature journal, one of the factors might be genetics.
Warm Cranberry Apple Cider To Make This Winter

Warm Cranberry Apple Cider to Make This Winter

As New Year's Eve approaches, we are all in the search for hot drinks that will make us feel even more cozy at home. The cranberry apple cider recipe is one that is...

3 Ways to Put a Twist on Traditional Hot Chocolate

Winter is a time for delicious, hot beverages. Hot chocolate is a classic during the coldest months of the year. Hot chocolate is usually a...
Find Out Why Oat Milk Is So Good For You

Find Out Why Oat Milk is So Good For You

If you've never heard of oat milk, it's time to find out more about this amazing drink. It is a dairy-free alternative of regular milk that provides the daily needs for vitamins and...

You Gotta Taste This Home-Made Mango Lassi

Lassi is a popular traditional Indian drink made from yogurt (dahi). With the growing popularity of Indian restaurants all over the world, lassi became one of the most loved beverages amongst foodies. It...

Poncha: Delicious Portuguese Cocktail that You’ll Love

Have you ever heard of poncha? Chances are that you haven't, since this delicious cocktail is relatively unknown outside of the Portuguese island of Madeira, where it was born.
The Perfect Holiday Candy Cane Cocktail

The Perfect Holiday Candy Cane Cocktail

Once the holidays come, there's nothing better than enjoying quality drinks. This candy cane cocktail reminds us of the festive season so much that you'll want to try it right away. Everyone who...
Fun Champagne Fruit Jellies To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Fun Champagne Fruit Jellies for New Year’s Eve

Champagne is the best drink to celebrate any occasion. That's why we made sure to find a delicious recipe for champagne fruit jellies for this holiday season.

Mazagran: the Weirdest Iced Coffee on Earth

Iced coffee is a favorite beverage of ours because it provides you with a burst of strong coffee (if made correctly, with cold brew coffee) while being a versatile beverage that can be...

Get Your Daily Energy Dose From This Acai Smoothie

You've probably already heard that the acai berry are one of the best superfoods. Since this fruit can be hard to find sometimes, you can always get an organic powder to add to your drinks...


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