Cookware: Where to Skimp & Where to Splurge

Kitchen knives tips
Photo by Danilo Rios on Unsplash

For chopping, baking, sauteing and more, keeping your kitchen well-stocked with a range of cooking tools is an essential part of being able to prepare a wide variety of dishes. That said, the cost of purchasing an entire kitchen’s worth of supplies can add up quickly, with even relatively basic items often coming with a substantial price tag.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big bucks on top-of-the-line versions of everything to create delicious food. Read on to learn more about which kitchen tools are okay to skimp on and which are worth the splurge.


Pots & Pans

Pots and pans are essential for the vast majority of kitchen tasks, so if you can only afford to splurge on one thing, we recommend going for a well-made set of cookware. Look for pieces with thick, multi-layered bottoms, as these allow for more even heat distribution. Once you’ve chosen your cookware, research and follow the care instructions to keep it in top working condition for as long as possible.


Investing in sharp, high-quality blades won’t only make meal prep more enjoyable, it will also help prevent injuries and accidents in the kitchen. Look for knives with forged blades and comfortable, ergonomic handles, as these are designed to allow for more precision and control.


Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are necessary for many dishes that involve roasting and baking, but the difference between high-end sheets and more affordable options is actually pretty minimal. Look for baking sheets with a non-stick coating, or use a silicone mat for easy cleanup and to keep your baking sheets looking like new.