Easy Homemade Vegan Yogurt

Image via 50shadesofkale/Instagram

Vegan yogurt is such an amazing product because you get all the probiotics of yogurt without having to indulge in dairy. This recipe is super versatile and you can use it in so many different applications, both savory and sweet. There are only a few ingredients necessary and you end up with a creamy, luscious, vegan yogurt.


The base of this yogurt is only two ingredients: full fat coconut milk and probiotic capsules. Probiotic capsules are pills full of the probiotic microorganisms. This is what gives the yogurt is taste, texture, and health benefits. They can be a bit pricey, but worth the investment as they can be taken orally and is great for gut health.


  1. Shake your coconut milk and pour into a glass bowl. Do not use metal as it will react negatively with the probiotics.
  2. Whisk it together so it is fully incorporated, then, add the contents of the capsules. Stir together with a wooden spoon.
  3. Cover the bowl with a cheesecloth or a light dish towel and secure with a rubber band.
  4. Let the probiotics activate for 24-48 hours and you’re ready to go!
  5. Use this yogurt as you would regular yogurt, for breakfasts, snacks, and dips!