Eat These Fruits to Get Hydrated

Do you find yourself struggling to drink enough water throughout the day so your body stays adequately hydrated? Staying hydrated is key to feeling strong and healthy, but for many of us, our efforts to consume water fall short to reach adequate hydration levels.

Try these fruits, which are full of water, in order to help yourself keep hydrated all day long.


It isn’t surprising that watermelon is packed with H2O, is it? Containing up to 92% water by weight, watermelon is a healthy snack that gives you a hydration and sugar boost to keep you going throughout the day.


One of our favorite fruits to eat in the morning to help us get hydrated is grapefruit. Containing the same proportion of water to watermelon, you can’t go wrong with grapefruit.


Cantaloupe is a member of the same fruit family as watermelon, and it’s also completely packed with water. Nine-tenths of a piece of cantaloupe consists of water, and you’ll find that it’s another great hydration alternative.