Have You Ever Had a Jello Salad?

Back in the 1960s, everyone was really into Jello salads. It was a unique dish made out of flavored gelatin, fruit, veggies, cottage cheese, and various other ingredients. Jello salad has lost its appeal since then but might make a surprising comeback, thanks to TikTok.

TikTok user @eczemmma recently showcased a jello salad that her grandmother Sheila made for a family dinner in a video posted on social media. Sheila shares the recipe with her baffled granddaughter and lists some ingredients that no one would think to put together, like lime Jell-o, mayonnaise, pineapple, and olives.

“You’re gonna love it!” promises Sheila towards the end of the clip, which was viewed 5.4 million times since being posted in late July.


“You’re gonna love it!” – Grammy Sheila #whitepeoplefood also its celery not cucumber #limejellosalad #canada

♬ original sound – Emma

Since many TikTokers have never actually heard of jello salad, @eczemmma decided to share a follow-up video and do a taste test. After trying the dish, she explained that it was not the worst thing she tasted.

“If you have issues with textures, this is not for you,” @eczemmma explains.


Replying to @Coco I’m a cottage cheese lover, so maybe that helps…

♬ original sound – Emma

The follow-up video also got a lot of attention online but also confused internet users even more.

“The fact that the smallest amount of that is leftover is what baffles me. lol,” @xopaulinap wrote.

What do you think about jello salad? Is it something you would try?