Healthier Ways to Enjoy Red Meat

Raw meat
Photo by Edson Saldaña on Unsplash

With barbecue season almost upon us, avoiding red meat is pretty much impossible. How can you say no to hamburgers, hotdogs, and steak? They’re synonymous with being American. But while these barbecue foods are delicious, they’re not the healthiest as red meat is high in saturated fat and sodium. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with how to enjoy red meat while eating healthily.

Lean Cuts

Choosing lean cuts of meat will reduce the saturated fat and sodium in your meat. Keep an eye out for labels that read sirloin, round, or loin as they are lower in fat than other cuts of meat.

Build Up Burgers

Bulking up burgers with mushrooms, beans, or lean meats like turkey will make your burgers tastier and more filling.

Trim the Fat

Trim off any visible fat when prepping the meat and pour off the melted fat after you’ve cooked the meat.

Don’t Char and Smoke

It’s known that smoking and charring foods have been linked to an increased risk for cancer, so avoid cooking your meats this way.

Add Produce

Incorporate summer fruits and veggies onto your plate for a more balanced meal. Salads and kebabs are tasty uses for produce.