Here’s the Proper Way to Use a Cutting Board

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Despite being a relatively simple and straight-forward kitchen device, did you know that there are actually some tricks that you should know in order to get the most out of your kitchen’s cutting board?

As we all know, a cutting board can be used to slice up things such as meat, vegetables, and bread in a kitchen. But did you know that you only need to wash yours with soap after handling raw meat on it?

Washing your board with soap too often can cause the board to shrink or to acquire some of its “flavor.” Try only rinsing your cutting board after handling produce and bread on it to avoid this.

Another important tip for getting out of your cutting board is to use a sharp knife. Using a dull knife will force you to saw at what you’re cutting, which can cause creases and imperfections to form in your board. Be sure to keep your knives sharpened at all times to avoid this.

Finally, did you know that the space for the handle on a cutting board that forms a hollow square has another use?

You can use this hole in the board to scrape off what you’ve cut into a pan or bowl without pieces of the food flying everywhere.

Wasn’t that helpful?