How Does Caffeine Affect Your Appetite?

Are you among people who can’t function without their morning cup of coffee and another one in the afternoon? You may drink it out of habit, but your body is definitely used to its daily dose of caffeine you provide it.

If you’re curious to learn how caffeine affects your appetite – if it increases or decreases it – you can just look at some studies that researched this. One of them, conducted in 2014 by a group of researchers in Germany and Austria, showed that caffeine curbs hunger by increasing serotonin and decreasing ghrelin. The participants of this study lost body fat during the study (four weeks).

However, a 2016 study used mice to show that caffeine intake actually increases food intake, which led the researchers to conclude that caffeine increases appetite.

While science is still unsure about it, most people in real life find that caffeine helps them eat less overall. Note that this is not true with coffee drinks that are high in sugar, such as popular lattes with cream and syrup.