Ina Garten Shares 3 Things That She Always Has in Her Freezer

Chef Ina Garten. Photo by Fairchild Archive/Penske Media/Shutterstock (6056064k)

When you don’t know who to listen to when it comes to food-related topics, Ina Garten is a safe bet. A self-taught cook and the host of the Food Network program Barefoot Contessa revealed what are the items she has in her freezer at all times.


Vodka has a very low freezing point, so storing it in the freezer makes perfect sense. It’s a good idea to always have it for cocktail parties and entertaining. And Garten knows that you should always serve your vodka cold.

Vanilla Ice Cream

We don’t doubt that Garten knows how to make a perfect vanilla ice cream, but she often doesn’t bother because she can just have a perfect vanilla ice cream conveniently stocked in the freezer. Why vanilla? Well, it pairs beautifully with many desserts, and the taste can easily be upgraded by adding a few other ingredients.


Whether she makes or buys her breath, Garten cuts it into slices and wraps it tightly to store in the freezer. That way, the desired amount can be easily defrosted and toasted as needed.