Keep Your Chopped Salad Fresh for Longer With This Catering Hack

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

Making a big batch of chopped salad is quite convenient. You can prepare veggies and greens in bulk, mix them up, and be carefree for several days. The only issue is that with each passing day, your pre-prepared salad will taste less pleasing.

If you are tired of your chopped salad losing its freshness after spending some time in the fridge, a simple hack shared by Chef Timothy Clowers will help you avoid this.

How to Keep Chopped Salad Fresh for Longer

In a clip posted on his Instagram recently, Clowers demonstrated a salad hack that he used while working in the catering business.

After preparing a large batch of chopped salad, he covers the top of the salad with one or two layers of paper towel. Then, he takes a plastic wrap and seals the bowl tightly before storing it upside down in the fridge.

Clowers revisits the salad after 24 hours and shows how the veggies and greens seem like they have been chopped only recently. Even after being stored for 48 hours, the salad doesn’t look like it had a major change in appearance or quality. According to Clowers, if you use this hack, you can keep the chopped salad in great condition for up to four days.