Make the Most of Your Panini Press in Three Short Steps

Panini press
Image by YGphoto/Dephositphotos

If you’re using it the right way, a panini press has the potential of being one of the most useful and versatile kitchen tools in your arsenal. Most people aren’t really making the best of it, and if you happen to be one of them, these useful tips will help you let your panini press fulfill its potential.

Avoid Sticking

Cleaning up a panini press can get tricky if your food is constantly sticking to it. Foods that contain runny ingredients, such as grilled cheese sandwiched, can get your panini press pretty dirty and that’s why you should coat the griddles with some oil or cooking spray.

Heat It Up

Before making your food inside this practical kitchen appliance, you should make sure to pre-heat it first. This step will help your bread reach the perfectly crispy texture that you’re aiming for, but keep a close eye on it so it wouldn’t burn up.

Paninis and More

The name of this kitchen tool makes it clear what you should be making inside it, but you shouldn’t stop at paninis. The panini press is one of the most versatile appliances on the market, and you can use it to make toast, omelet, hash browns, grilled veggies, and so much more.