Never Do These Things When Making Coffee in a Moka Pot

Photo by Eric BARBEAU on Unsplash

The moka pot, a favorite for making coffee in places like Latin America and Southern Europe, has gained traction as a trendy coffee device all over the world in recent years. Consisting of a simple stovetop device, it’s easy to make a strong cup of joe using the beloved moka pot.

However, there are some key errors that people unfamiliar with the machine’s design tend to make, especially when starting out. Be sure not to make these mistakes when brewing in a moka pot.

Fill the Pot with Cold Water

Do not fill the moka pot’s reservoir with cold water when making a batch of coffee with it! Why? Cold water takes longer to heat than warm or hot water, which can cause the ground coffee in the device’s middle chamber to burn and make bitter and unpleasant-tasting coffee.

Leave the Pot on the Burner After Brewing

As soon as the last of the finished coffee bubbles up and into the top chamber of the moka pot, remove it from the heat of the stove. If you leave the moka pot on the burner after brewing, your coffee will begin to boil, making it taste burnt and rancid.

Use Your Pot without Regular Cleaning

It’s all too easy to just keep reusing your moka pot without washing or cleaning it between uses. The best practice for using one, however, includes a thorough washing after every use to be sure that mold and taste-altering particles are prevented from developing in the pot.