One TikTok User Turned BLT Sandwich into a Cocktail

We have seen a lot of questionable food creations on TikTok, but a cocktail inspired by BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich from Very Good Drinks is definitely something else.

Very Good Drinks is a brainchild of “traveling bartenders” Demi and Jazz, who like to mix up all sorts of unusual (and usual) drinks. In one of their recent videos, Jazz demonstrated how he made a cocktail containing all the ingredients found in a BLT sandwich.

As it turns out, making a BLT cocktail is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than making a BLT sandwich. The TikToker first introduces the ingredients for the cocktail, all of which he made by himself. This includes salted tomato syrup, lemon juice infused with romaine lettuce, and poblano and agave syrup mixed with bacon fat.

Jazz adds the main ingredients to a shaker cup alongside barspoon of mayonnaise and some crushed ice. After giving it a good shake and pouring it into a glass, he garnishes it with black pepper and takes a sip. 

“It is disturbing in a way,” he describes the taste. “It is almost too close to an actual BLT. It’s gotta a really luscious, kind of creamy texture.”

If you would like to try this BLT cocktail yourself, check out how to make it in the video below.


Oop here I go putting mayo in drinks again! 🤪 Full vid in yt! 📺 BLT COCKTAIL 🥓🥬🍅 •2 OZ BACON WASHED POBLANO @MeanMuleDistillingCo •3/4 OZ ROMAINE LETTUCE LEMON •3/4 OZ SALTED TOMATO SYRUP •BARSPOON MAYONNAISE @dukesmayo HARD SHAKE, FINE STRAIN, GARNISH WITH FRESHLY CRACKED BLACK PEPPER **to make salted tomato syrup, add 150g ripe tomato to 150g white sugar. Let macerate overnight at room temp, strain and add 2% salt by weight (3g)** #BLT #tomato #mayonnaise #lettuce #bacon

♬ original sound – Very Good Drinks