Pabellon Arepas are a Venezuelan Favorite

If you haven’t noticed, arepas are one of the hottest food trends to have recently come out of South America. These small corn patties, which originate from the countries of Venezuela and Colombia, have taken off as a Latin treat outside of their borders.

Venezuela is arguably the king of arepas, and people there often eat them with simple ingredients such as cheese or even plain.

Did you know that there is, however, a special variety of arepa that is filled with all kinds of goodies, making it more of a meal than a snack food?

Pabellon arepas are a Venezuelan favorite that are a mountain and a half of food. Consisting of a traditional corn arepa filled with various ingredients which are common in the country, you’ll find the best of Venezuelan in these delicious treats.

These massive arepas are filled with marinated and shredded flank steak, fried sweet plantains, black beans, and a bit of crumbled white cheese.

They are a perfect representation of the savory and sweet goodness that can be found in Venezuelan gastronomy. The savory shredded beef combined with the heartiness of the beans, the sweetness of the plantains, and the creaminess of the cheese makes for an arepa that you will definitely fall in love with.