Take a Trip Around the World With These Holiday Treats

If you were wondering what people all around the world eat as a holiday treat, this is the guide for you!


Especially if you’re in a cold place this holiday season, why not take a trip down south to Mexico? There, you will find that a popular Christmas snack is bunuelos. Some people say they actually started off as a Hannukah treat, but regardless, these fried cookie type treats are simply delicious, especially when covered in cinnamon and a little sugar.


Sometimes called Kolacky or kolaches, these Eastern and Central European treats are a staple in countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, and beyond. Kolacky are little pieces of pastry filled with anything from a poppy seed filling to apricot marmalade, and folded into a beautiful diamond shape.

Linzer Cookies

These cookies are popular in the US all year round, especially in New York, but in reality, they are only holiday time cookies in Austria where they were created in the town of Linz. Linzer cookies are a shortbread sandwich cookie that has the middle cut out of the top cookie to see the raspberry jam filling on the inside. You can also find them in some parts of Germany and they are a great festive cookie.