Ropa Vieja is One of Cuba’s Star Dishes

Cuba is a country with a rich culinary history and tradition. Some of the best foods from Latin America come from Cuba, which combines fresh ingredients with a cultural mix that combines American, African, and European influences.

One of the best and most well-known dishes from Cuba is called “ropa vieja.” This is one of the national dishes of Cuba and is easy to find at Cuban restaurants outside of the country.

Ropa vieja, which literally means “old clothes” (this we can’t explain!), is a dish that consists of beef and vegetables.

The beef used in ropa vieja is first stewed for a long time at low heat. The beef used for ropa vieja is generally stewed in a non-spicy, but seasoned, tomato sauce that produces a flavorful, tender meat.

The meat used in ropa vieja is also stewed with vegetables such as red bell peppers, onion, and garlic.

The end result is a warm, filling dish that is both hearty and delicious.

The traditional way to enjoy ropa vieja is with a few common Cuban side dishes. Ropa vieja is usually served and eaten with seasoned yellow rice and black beans. The ropa vieja can be combined with these ingredients to create one big mish-mash of flavor.

Be sure to try ropa vieja the next time you go to a Cuban restaurant!