Samosas are a Delicious Indian Treat

Image by Ashish_Choudhary on Pixabay

Have you ever tried a samosa before? If not, you are missing out on one of Indian cuisine’s biggest gifts to gastronomy.

Although the most well-known and recognizable form of samosas come from India, samosas were actually invented in the Middle East and Central Asia. During the process of trade and cultural exchange between these regions, merchants from the Middle East brought samosas to India, where they became an important part of their cuisine.

Samosas consist of an outer shell made of a flour that is known as maida. This flour is used to make a dough that serves as the outside of a samosa.

After formulating the dough, the magic happens. The samosa dough is then stuffed and fried with a variety of ingredients, which vary depending on the area in India from which the samosas come, as well as personal taste.

Samosas generally contain a filling that includes vegetables (such as
onions, carrots, and peas) and/or meat (such as chicken or lamb). They most often contain boiled potatoes, which serve as the starchy base of the filling.