Try These Unique Fruits During Spring

Photo by Evelyn Fjord on Unsplash

When spring comes around, a whole new batch of seasonal fruits and vegetables becomes available for us to enjoy at the peak of their flavor and taste. While some fruits that come into season in spring are pretty normal and every day, there are others that perhaps don’t get enough love in our kitchens.

Here are some that you should check out.


Have you ever tried a kumquat before? These small fruits, which look like a miniature, oblong orange, have an intensely sweet and tart flavor that makes them a great choice for snacking. Be sure to eat the peel, too!


While you’ve probably seen apricot-flavored things all over the place in your life, have you ever had the chance to sit down and eat one? The soft, tender flesh of this peach-like fruit has a sweet and slightly tart flavor, and also is a great source of fiber.


One of my favorite spring breakfasts is as simple as this big fruit sliced in two and sprinkled with a bit of sugar. The intensely sour flavor of grapefruits might not be for all, but adding just a little bit of sweetness makes it one of my favorite fruit flavors.