Switch Up Your Typical Fruit Salad with These Tips!

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Fruit salad is an essential part of summer. There’s nothing better at a barbecue, or even to munch on as you sit by the pool.

If you want to take your fruit salads up a notch, you should try these fun recipes, which are super aesthetically pleasing, delicious and, of course, healthy and fresh!

Fruit Bowls

If you’re having a party and you want a fruit display that is pretty and gives you less to clean up at the end, ditch bowls and use your fruit as the serving pieces! Just carve out any larger fruit like melons or pineapple, dice up the fruit and put it back in! You can also mix and match the fruits you use to make it a colorful display.

Watermelon Pie

Another really fun way to serve up a fruit salad is to pile it on top of another slice of fruit! Watermelon is a great way to go because you can cut it up into pie slices very easily, and then use that as your vehicle for other fruit! Top it with berries, mango, and to give it a little boost, spread some yogurt as the base for a super healthy and yummy snack.