The Richest Hot Cocoa Recipe Around

Hot Chocolate
Photo Kitera Dent on Unsplash

When it comes to hot cocoa, one does not simply “make it”. Perhaps that was a vague over-simplification, but our goal is to illustrate that there’s basic hot cocoa, and then there’s legitimate authentic hot chocolate that you never go back from. If you’re looking to make a hot cocoa recipe that’s richer than anything you’ve ever tasted, here’s how to do it.

Get Dark Chocolate

Don’t look for instant hot cocoa packets. Instead, look for your very favorite brand of dark chocolate in the supermarket. Get a bunch of bars. Bring the bars back home and put them on the side for later.

Boil Milk

Now it’s time to boil up some milk. Add whole milk (or another milk variety if you prefer) to a pot and bring it to a boil. Once the milk is boiling, start breaking up the dark chocolate you bought into many little pieces, and proceed to add each piece of dark chocolate into the milk.

Stir It Up

Proceed to stir the dark chocolate pieces with the boiling milk, until the chocolate starts to melt and form a creamy texture. The milk should eventually turn brown, and soon you’ll have a clear mixture of hot chocolate. Now the recipe is essentially done, so pour your delicious hot drink into a mug and enjoy!