These Tips Will Help You Pick the Perfect Avocado

Photo by Nur Afni Setiyaningrum on Unsplash

Avocados are one of the most popular superfoods on Earth right now.

Their nutritional content and delicious taste make them a highly desirable food for lots of people. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to choose avocados to eat.

These three tips will help you become an expert in picking the perfect avocado.

Look at the Color

An avocado which is ripe and ready to eat will almost never be green. Instead, look for avocados that are closer to black with small bits of green if you want a ripe avocado. If it’s completely black, it’s too ripe and might be spoiled. Buy them closer to green if you’re planning to eat them later.

Observe the Skin

Avocados that are ready to eat generally do not have smooth skin. Instead, their skin will be slightly rough and pebbled. Be sure that the avocado doesn’t have any noticeable bruising, too.

Squeeze the Avocado

One of the most important tips for finding a good avocado is to observe how it feels. Avocados that are ripe will give slightly to touch and not be completely hard. It’s also important that avocados aren’t too mushy, which means that they could be overripe.