This Indian Engineer Became Instagram Sensation with His Yellow Plate

There are many Instagram pages revolving around food, but not all of them are original and unique enough to be noticed at a first glance. One guy from India, named Himanshu Sehgal, started an account named My Yellow Plate and it quickly gained over 40,000 followers.

“My Yellow Plate was not intentional. I never planned that I would pick up a yellow plate and go out looking for food,” Sehgal starts his story. “One fine day in 2015, my mom served me Rajma Chawal on this yellow plate. No one knows where it came from, it was just there in the kitchen. I remember taking a picture of it and sharing it on my personal Instagram profile.”

“It wasn’t a great shot but it still clicked with the viewers, getting several likes and comments from friends and family,” he continues. “This was probably because most Indian households use either steel thalis or pastel-colored crockery and a bright yellow plate was conspicuous. Intrigued, I decided to carry the yellow plate along with me while traveling. Every time I would eat on it, I would share it with people and let them know what’s on my yellow plate.”

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WHEN IN MAJNU KA TILA. . Ab Dilli mein reh ke Majnu Ka Tilla nahi gaye aur Laphing nahi khaya…toh kuch nahi khaya. . What's on my yellow plate? Spicy Tibetan Laphing from a small stall in Majnu ka Tila run by Tenzen Sharma. She is selling Laphing at the same spot from last 3 years. . As you walk through the little tibet (Majnu ka Tila), you will come across many such small stalls where a lady/man will be busy making this less known yellow dish called Laphing and people sitting around relishing it. . Laphing is a noodle dish seasoned with spices. It is made from starches extracted either from potato or flour, and is cooked overnight. You can choose from dry or soup Laphing. Soupy Lhaping are cut and formed into noodles before being dipped into water and sauce made from dried chilies and vinegar and served with soya chunks on the top. A variety of spices including garlic, cloves, onions and coriander is thrown in to add to its flavor profile, along with a healthy dose of sesame oil. . Dry Lhaping is rolled with soya, salt, chilli paste, seasame oil and garlic paste and then chopped into pieces. This cold dish with amalgamation of distinct flavors takes your taste buds by storm, and is a culinary experience that you cannot miss. . It also makes a delicious social food in the tibetan community since it is easier to devour over gossiping and merry making with good company. On your next visit to Majnu Ka Tila, make sure you do not miss on this less known tibetan street food. . P.S Majnu Ka Tila gaye or Lhaping nahi khaya to kuch nahi khaya. #MyYellowPlate #Delhi #Incredibleindia

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