Three Quick And Healthy Snack Ideas

Image by Mabel Amber via Pixabay

When you’re hungry and busy, it’s very tempting to reach for yet anoher chocolate bar or biscuit. Prepare these healthy snacks ahead of time, so you have something to munch on that will fuel your brain.

Celery Sticks

Wash celery sticks and strip out the longer, tougher fibers if you wish. Cut them into thirds, and then scrap cream cheese, peanut butter, or hummus down the center of the celery. These are ultra-quick, tasty, and refreshing due to the water content of the celery.

Passion Fruit Twist

Cut a passion fruit in half and using a spoon, scrap the flesh and seeds away from the skin. Drizzle a spoon of honey and a spoon of tahini over the flesh, mix gently and then spoon out and eat. When mixed gently, this snack is not too messy and packaging free, so it can be made on-the- go!

Ham And Cheese Rolls

Take a slice of ham, spread thinly with cream cheese and sprinkle over with chopped gherkin. Roll up into a cylinder, and if you’re not eating it immediately, pin in place with a cocktail stick. High in protein and very tasty, this satisfying snack will keep you going through an afternoon of back-to-back meetings.