Three Tips to Making Great Moka Pot Coffee

Image by Kaffeetastisch from Pixabay

Do you make your coffee with a moka pot?

This coffee-making method was born in Italy back in the 1930s. Since then, it has become the main coffee-making option in much of Europe and Latin America.

Moka pot coffee produces a rich and delicious cup of Joe. It isn’t quite as strong as espresso, but it packs more flavor and punch than a traditional drip coffee maker.

Here are three tips to make sure that your moka pot coffee tastes as good as possible.

Use Hot Water at the Beginning of the Process

Using hot water in the moka pot at the beginning of the brewing process helps your moka pot coffee tastes smoother. Why? If you have to use too much heat on the stove to warm the water, you run the risk of toasting and burning the coffee, making a bitter cup of Joe.

Keep Your Moka Pot Sparkling Clean

Be diligent about cleaning your moka pot and all of its components. If you allow old coffee or grounds to sit inside of the moka pot without washing it, this allows for sour and unpleasant flavors to accumulate and contaminate the coffee you make.

Don’t Leave the Moka Pot on the Stove Too Long

Finally, be sure to remove the moka pot from heat as soon as possible. This also reduces the risk of burning the coffee that you make in the device.