Try These Refreshing White Wine Varieties This Spring

Spring has begun, meaning that warmer temperatures and sunnier, longer days are finally upon us. While most of us probably opt for heartier red wine during the winter months, the dawn of spring is a great excuse to start drinking your favorite whites.

Add these light, refreshing, and flavorful white wines to your list for the next time you head to the store!


Albariño is one of the world’s trendiest white wines right now. Originating in northwestern Spain and Portugal, this crisp and dry white wine explodes with citrus flavors and pairs excellently with seafood.

Sauvignon Blanc

This French varietal is now grown throughout the world, as drinkers have fallen in love with the green apple, lime, white peach and passion fruit tones that Sauvignon Blanc offers. Zesty, sharp, and tending towards being a very young wine, this grape is perfect for spring.


Looking for something sparkling? Why not try Prosecco, Italy’s favorite sparkling white wine? The Glera grape is used to create a fizzy, brut-style sparkling white that is perfect for sipping while outside on the porch or at a picnic.