Try This Buffalo Mac and Cheese Hack Next Time You Visit Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has one of the most extensive menus you’ll find in the dining business. However, this isn’t stopping some foodies from further expanding it with their hacks.

A while back, TikTok user @how.kev.eats shared a video on their channel in which they showcased how to get a Buffalo Mac and Cheese at Cheesecake Factory despite the dish not being on the menu.

According to the TikToker, you should start by ordering Cajun Chicken Littles and asking for a side of Mac and Cheese instead of mashed potatoes. Then, cut the chicken tenders into smaller pieces and use them to top the Mac and cheese.

Finally, cover everything with Buffalo sauce, which you can get for free, and enjoy a completely new and exciting dish.

“It hits every note you want. It’s crispy, it’s spicy, it’s melty, it’s cheesy, and salty. Literally, perfect,” says  @how.kev.eats in the video.

The hack got a lot of attention online when it was first posted and continues to pop up on social media from time to time. It even got a comment from a verified Cheesecake Factory profile on TikTok.

“So you’re a genius?” Cheesecake Factory’s social media team wrote in the comments section.

@how.kev.eats didn’t respond to the comment, instead letting his hack speak about his genius.