You Have to Check out South America’s Best National Dishes

Photo by silvia trigo on Unsplash

South America is one of the richest gastronomic regions on Earth featuring delicious fusion dishes that have come to define some of its countries. Here are four South American national dishes that you have to try.

Colombia: Bandeja Paisa

You’ll never go hungry if you have a bandeja paisa in front of you. This dish contains several meats: blood sausage, pork skins, ground pork, and chorizo. It also contains avocado, rice, beans, and fried plantains, a sweet element.

Peru: Ceviche

The most famous raw food fish dish on the planet is probably sushi, but Peru’s is incredibly tasty too. Raw fish, such as shrimp or sea bass, is marinated in citrus juice before being combined with onions and chili peppers for this unforgettable national dish.

Ecuador: Encebollado

Like fish stew? Then you’ll definitely love this Ecuadorian treat. It contains tuna, pickled cassava, and red onion and is often garnished with lime juice and chili.

Argentina and Uruguay: Asado

Grilled meat is all the rage in these two carnivorous countries which share similar gastronomic traditions. Beef and chicken are typically grilled at these meals, which are also considered social events to be shared with family and friends alike.