3 Tips for Making the Most Delicious Custard Toast

Custard toast
Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

Custard toast is definitely the biggest TikTok trend to emerge since the beginning of 2022, and everyone seems to be trying it right now. Like most viral recipes to emerge on this social media platform, custard toast is pretty easy to make, and these three useful tips will make things even easier.

Bread Choice

Like with most other kinds of toasts, your custard toast will be as delicious and healthy as the bread you’re using. One thing that you should pay extra attention to when it comes to this dish is the softness of your bread because it’s easier to put custard mixture in the center when your toast is soft.

Yogurt Choice

Greek yogurt is the main ingredient of this viral TikTok dish, also known as yogurt toast. To make your toast as healthy as possible, try to avoid sweetened variety and go with plain non-fat yogurt instead. You can always use fruits and other healthy toppings to make your custard toast sweeter.

Topping Choice

Toppings will determine how tasty your custard toast is going to be and it all comes down to personal preference. You can top it with everything from fruits and berries to nuts and chocolate chips, depending on your dietary restrictions and personal taste.