Cool Recipes

Spicy Cucumber Salad is the Perfect Side Dish or Snack

Finding the perfect side to go along with your meal can be difficult. If you’re looking for a side to accompany your Asian-style meal, you have to try this spicy accordion cucumber salad. 

Try Out this Recipe for The Ultimate Comfort Chili This Fall

One of our favorite parts of fall is finally having an excuse to make our favorite soups and stews. It's the perfect time to try out new recipes and perfect the ones we’ve been...
Coconut muffins

These Vegan Coconut Muffins Are Even Better Than They Sound

Think you can’t make great muffins without eggs and dairy products? Well, our vegan coconut muffins might make you think again. They are delicious, simple to make, and vegan all the way. Eager...

Best Ideas for Using Leftover Meatloaf

No matter how much you or your family love meatloaf, the chances are that you will end up with some leftovers. Consider this great news because having leftover meatloaf in the fridge can...
Bread in oven

Stuffed Bread is a Game Changer

You've probably had garlic bread and banana bread, but what about stuffed bread? This dish might not sound like a tempting idea right away, but once you try it, you will realize it...

It’s Time For You to Try Homemade Nutella

You would have to look hard and long for someone who hasn’t tried or at least heard about Nutella. This iconic hazelnut cocoa spread is a perfect companion to waffles, crepes, and doughnuts,...
Apple butter

Apple Butter is What We’ll Be Eating Throughout Fall

With fall in the air, apples are in season! The fruit has a reputation for keeping doctors away, but there is much more that these little babies are capable of. One of them...
Chicken dipped in sauce

You’ll Never Get Bored With These Chicken Marinades

Americans consume poultry more than any other meat, with around 21 million chickens eaten every day! If our math is correct, that works out to about 8 billion a year. Seeing as so...

Beer Will Make Your Mac and Cheese Even Better

If you love beer, listen up because this is a brilliant way to use the beverage. It’s hard to go wrong with mac and cheese, but the good news is, there are also...
Green salad

Forget Greek Salad—Make this Instead

If you thought that Greek salad was the most popular salad dish in Greece, you may want to sit down. Although it may get all the glory, most Greeks actually eat far more...


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