This Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe is Essential

Everyone needs to have a basic sugar cookie recipe, and with this one, you really cannot go wrong! Give it a try and watch some magic happen.

Everyone Should Know How to Make a Beurre Blanc

Beurre blanc is a butter-based French sauce that everyone should know how to make because it's so simple yet complex tasting, and really goes with so many different kinds of food!

The Ricotta Dumplings Will Blow You Away

Ricotta dumplings make your life a lot simpler and more elegant, so try them out! Ingredients 2 cups of whole-milk ricotta cheese1 lemon 1 egg plus...

Veggie Burgers are a Healthy and Fun Way to Eat More Plant-Based Protein!

These veggie burgers couldn't be easier to throw together so try them out! Ingredients: 2 cans of black beans, drained...

Roasted Beets With Labneh Could Not Be a Better Dish to Make

Labneh and beets come together so beautifully in this healthy and colorful recipe, so give it a try! Ingredients: 1 pound...

Don’t Knock This Anchovy Toast Recipe Until You Try It!

Anchovies are definitely an underutilized pantry item, but they shouldn't be! They're super healthy and sustainable, and when you add them to this toast, it's the perfect afternoon snack.

If You Need a Simple, No Nonesense Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, This is It

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect because there is no mixing machines necessary, no chilling overnight, and the cookies turn out amazing every time.

This Cast Iron Pizza Recipe Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Using your cast iron skillet is a great alternative to a pizza stone because it can get nice and hot in the oven beforehand, and it gives your crust that extra crunch that...

No Tortillas Chips at Home? Make Your Own!

Whether you've run out of tortilla chips or want to do a fun cooking activity with your kids, these homemade tortilla chips are super easy and fun! Ingredients

You Will Die for This Broccoli Rice Casserole!

If you have leftover rice and want to turn it into something really special, make this broccoli rice casserole! Ingredients 1 chopped onion 2 minced garlic cloves2...


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